Have you had an accident?

Let Carrosserie Aymé help you!

Carrosserie Aymé - car repair

For insuranceclaims, the procedure is straightforward.

1/ Contact yourinsurer to report the accident and check if it is covered by your policy. We can provide you with all the help you needin this process.

2/.Then, simply contact us and we will take care ofeverything !We will evaluatethe amount of repairs and report it to your insurer. An expert willprobably be sent to inspect the extent of the damage. Then, you simplyleave your vehicle with us so that we can repair it. 

You will be provided with a courtesy car so that you can remain mobile

Un véhicule de remplacement sera mis à votre disposition afin de vous permettre de garder votre mobilité.

3/ Once the repairs are completed and after a finalstrict quality control which is performed in-house, your car will be returnedto you in perfect condition.