Dents are removed without damage to your paintwork!

Carrosserie Aymé - chassis
Carrosserie Aymé - Traditional straightening

Vehicle bodywork specialists at thecutting-edge of technology.

The body repair team has been speciallytrained in Germany in the techniques of alternative straightening. Dents are therefore removed without damagingthe paintwork. This method is used to fix damagecaused by hail or bumps resulting from parking - a body repair straightening specialism that Carrosserie Aymé specialized infor the past six years.

The bodywork department has a straighteningmarblefor rapid and accurate diagnosis of the chassis.The body repair department also has adiagnostic tool to analyse and remove electronic faults from the vehicle.

The body workshop has welding equipment toprovide repairs according to manufacturers' standards and requirements.

Carrosserie Aymé also takes on mechanical repairs and diagnosisand tracking. 

For any touching up of your cars paintwork ...

Types of services offered :

  • Alternative straightening : dents removed without damaging the paintwork
  • Traditional straightening with a hammer
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Replacement of body panels
  • Specialists in reconditioning aluminum body panels


We take care of all brands and we specialised as well in brands such as BMW, Audi, VW.