Carrosserie Aymé - paintwork


Retouching or repairing scratches on your bodywork?

Our expert bodywork paint-restorers can help.Carrosserie Aymé - Lausanne - PeintureCarrosserie Aymé has had a paint shop for fifteen years equipped with two spray booths and two paint ovens. We only use water-based paints to protect the environment. Our bodywork paint-restorers can spray any type of external surface (cars, motorcycles, wardrobes, chairs, pianos, etc.). For repairs or retouching, we can employ a quick Spot Repair technique in addition to the traditional method. Our team of bodywork paint-restorers can accurately reproduce colours with the spectrophotometer which allows them to analyse pigments and produce the correct formula. With our modern equipment Carrosserie Aymé can deal with any scratches or paintwork that needs retouching on your car.

Retouching types :

  • Spot-repair : Simple and efficient
  • Traditionnal